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Sweet with a capital "S"!

My little Mariah is so very sweet. She's so motherly and kind.

On Friday night, I was feeling down and she noticed I was crying. She came out of the room (where she'd been watching tv) and asked me what was wrong. Note: As soon as she noticed something was wrong, she used her soft sweet the way you'd talk to a baby or a kitten or something.

And this is the rest:

me: "oh, nothing, i'm fine. I'm just a little sad."

mariah: "do you miss your mama?"

me: "yeah"

mariah: rubs my arm, looks around, thinks, then says "if a pin pokes us, do we die?"

me: "you mean like a needle? no, that wouldn't make us die. how come?"

mariah: "cause I want you to die so you can be with your mama, you miss your mama."

me: "oh, but I don't want to die, I'd rather be here with you guys"

mariah: still in that super sweet, high voice "well its okay, we won't miss you, we have your picture"

:o) needless to say, I was fine after that. What a sweet girl!


CULA said...

is it wrong that i laughed when i read that? she is very sweet. i miss having them here all the time.

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