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Seems like I neglect to post for weeks on end...and then I finally upload like 90 pictures and it totally overloads my server or whatever and it takes forever! Oh well!

Random happenings, in somewhat of an order:

This sweet girl is losing a tooth! This is probably the most unflattering photo of the 20 I took of her, and yet it's the only one where you can actually see the tooth.

Thanksgiving was lovely! Starting with the was rainy and cloudy and cool, I LOVED IT. Dinner was fabulous, as always. There was lots of talking and laughing and hanging out with family. I don't know how my Nana manages to cook for 15 people at her age, but I'm glad she does. My poor family is going to really miss her Thanksgiving meals when it's all bestowed upon me someday. :O)

Friday Jesse got up early (before 10am!) and started working on the star. And yes I joke about him getting up "early", but to his credit, he really did spend mostly the entire day working on that star, and the lights, and everything.

This only lasted for about 5 minutes and my nerves couldn't take it anymore, so down they came:

We also put up all our Christmas decorations, and our lovely tree (not pictured):

Hallelujah! I told myself I wanted to get all my Christmas cards & gifts done by the beginning of December so that I can spend the next 25 days enjoying myself and having fun with the girls...not worrying about what I haven't gotten done yet. And for the most part, I did it and I'm proud of myself! Cards are done, though not in the mail till this coming weekend:

2008 is going to be a truly "handmade Christmas"'s just a few of what I've been making for the children in our family and our close friends' children:

And here's where the "random" part of this post comes in I guess:
How cute are these guys? (Mallory & Jesse):

And how freaking disgusting is this guy, who decided to spin a web connecting from my hydrangeas, to our window awning....right in a prime spot for me to stick my head through it when I turn on our hose???!!! I shudder everytime I think of the scene (and noise) that would have resulted had that actually happened!.....


CULA said...

i just love those dolls!!! i stuck my head through a spider web with a freaking huge spider in it on saturday, not fun!

Related Posts with Thumbnails