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Tired with a capital "T"!

I haven't been as tired as I was Saturday in a LONG time!

Arissa had 2 parades, one in the morning and one in the evening. Jesse and I ran down the sidewalks alongside the girls as they marched...taking pictures and cheering when we could catch our breath. Before the 2nd parade, the girls took time to try and sell a bit of their recent fundraiser to the crowds on the street, which basically meant we had to walk a whole parade route 3 times! By the time we got home, our feet were aching, our faces hurt from all the smiling & laughing, and we were just exhausted!

Nana & M&M waiting for the first parade to begin:


After lunch, with her team friends:

Between parades, and after lunch, the team did a little photoshoot in the park:

2nd parade...lined up and ready to go:

Luckily it wasn't too cold, and it was fun enough that Arissa didn't realize how tired she was until she got in the car and fell asleep. And we get to do it all again this weekend, with two different but same-day performances!


Related Posts with Thumbnails