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On The Menu....

....for tonight was a healthy, scrumptious, vegetarian, fiber-rich meal made from scratch with homegrown ingredients.

That's right. I not only cooked a complete meal tonight (it's been awhile), but I made it healthy and it tasted good.
(Well, at least Jesse gave it 2 thumbs up. And the girls didn't cry & scream, they actually ate it, so I consider that a positive critique as well)

I used my mom's spaghetti recipe....which is different than any sauce I've ever tasted, so everytime I cook it, it reminds me of home. The only problem with it is that it has to simmer for a good 6 hours+. So I used my good old slow-cooker, and simmered that baby all day long (my mom's recipe says "the longer you simmer, the better it tastes"). I bought whole wheat, whole grain our noodles weren't overloaded w/ carbs and were actually good for us.

And mixed in with our romaine/spinach salads, along with the sprinkling of feta cheese, croutons, and vinegrette dressing, were these guys:

tomatoes from my very own garden. How cool is that? I feel Amish.....or even with goods that I grew in my own backyard. :o)
But since nobody's perfect, I did have to cook some of this to go along with it:

Obviously, you can't serve spaghetti without the garlic bread.


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