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.....she made it!
I was so happy....and relieved!
I had promised Arissa I'd be there to watch her, but then Jesse told me that the instructor had told him that the kids usually do better when the parents aren't there. So I told Arissa that, and that even though she couldn't see us, we would be there watching. And we did...we parked across the street and watched and smiled at how well she did.
Then we had an hour long parent meeting w/ the instructore (us and all the other parents). It's pretty much a whole new group this year...there's only 2 girls in it that were in it last year. I think that's a good thing. Another good thing is....the parents had to go around and say their names and who was their daughter and how old they were. And though this, we found out that all but maybe 2 or 3 of the girls are the exact same age as Arissa. That makes me happy. When I was in it, I was about Arissa's age and there were 1 or 2 girls my age, but some were 1, 2, 3 even 5 or 7 years older. And they were always talking about boys and teenage things that I wasn't into at the time and I always felt weird.
Also at the meeting they talked about how much hard work it is.....practices every friday from 4-6:30, every other friday during the summer the practices are from 4-9. Attendance and puncuality (which will be our main problem, if Jesse is taking her) are 100% mandatory. Fundraising is also mandatory. I'm looking forward to the Sees fundraiser, personally. :o) We signed the contract, and I just hope Arissa is up to all the work and that she has lots of fun. She is very excited and very proud. Which reminds me of when I was doing drill team....I hated all the hard work and long practices, but I always felt so proud being at competitions and parades and winning Sweepstakes, a bunch of little kids, winner over older, highschool teams. I don't know how we're ever going to drive all over the county for all her competitions and shows, especially with the price of gas and 2 little preschoolers in tow...but I know it'll be worth it.
And I'm also so excited...things are finally coming along for Arissa's Baptism. I have a date and time, and lots of little details to decide and plan. The invitations are done! I can't wait.
Same with Mariah's graduation...I finished her announcements over the weekend and I'm so excited for her big day. I just have to finish the end-of-year gifts for all3 girls' teachers now. And also make it through the big recital this week (it's quite a task to organize all 3 outfits x 2 different dances, put them on the right kid at the right time, AND take pictures!), and Mariah's birthday celebration at school, and the actual birthday. Then comes Arissa's birthday....the invitations are done, and SUPER cute. I really love them, wait until you see them! It's a "Hannah Montana" theme. What else? But I didn't want to hand out the standard invitations from walmart...every girl in her class basically had a Hannah Montana party and gave out those invitations. So I made it a little different and did my signature "photoshop design" for the where-when-what part of the invitation. It's going to be a great party...we're going w/ the "pop star" part of the Hannah Montana theme....which is basically going to be kareoke. Jesse is going to set up a real live music scene: microphones, amps, guitars, stage, etc. And the girls can take turns being "the pop star". It's going to be lots of fun!


Cula Parker said...

how fun! just so you know, i'm totally gonna crash arrissa's party. if you ever need help with the girls seriously please let me know.

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