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Award time ... Bonita Fest perforamnce

Guess who was "student of the month" at Monterey Heights on Friday???

Not one Howard girl.......

But TWO!!!

Arissa AND Mariah were both selected Student of the Month. We received a letter a week ahead of time letting us know, but it was a surprise for the girls. Mariah had no clue at all of course since "student of the month" is a new concept to her, but Arissa knew something was up when our morning started off kind of different:

"Mommy, why aren't you going to work?"

"Um...I am, I'm just going in late cause I have a dr appt."

"Mommy, why are you curling our hair?"

"Well, I don't have to rush to get to work, so why not?"

:O) And then when she walked in for the assembly, she saw us and knew for sure. I was pretty proud that both girls were the first ones chosen....I know they both deserve it, they're both such GREAT students and friends and "peacebuilders", which is important at their shool.

And this sweet girl, not one to be left out, is Star of the Week this week at preschool! She gets to make a little "all about me" poster, and bring in things to share. This is a big week for the Howard Girls!!!

And this shot I just had to share....look at those eyes!!!!! I'm so jealous!

And then we had ANOTHER big day on Saturday. Arissa performed with her Drill Team at the Bonita Fest. For the past 20 years, it's been a parade, but this year the city decided not to have the parade portion of it, so the girls did their routine on a stage. But it was their first OFFICIAL performance as this new team. Official, hand-sewn uniforms. Hair done to exact specifications (dictated by the instructor). All-out makeup, glitter in the hair, ALL of it. We spent an hour the night before, doing the hair. We had to douse it in hairspray and gel, then put it up in PERM rods, all to get the exact perfect curl. Poor Arissa cried herself to sleep because her hair was done up so tight. But it was worth it the next day, to see all those bouncing perfect curls.

Arissa & her friend Avery:

The team:
You could not find a better group of girls. These girls are SO sweet, so happy and excited all the time. When Arissa shows up to practice, they all run over and hug her. At the end of each performance, the girls all come around and give each parent a hug and say 'thank you' for their support. The best part of the team, I think, and what makes it worth all the hard work is how the girls learn to support and trust and appreciate and encourage eachother. It also helps that they're all around the same really they are close friends who get to spend all this time together. It's wonderful.

So proud:

End of the day:

**** EDITED:

Here's a video of the performance (scroll down and turn off the music first):


Cula said...

Those girls are just perfect!!! I love them SO MUCH and am glad that I know them!!!

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