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Birthday Party Weekend!

My sweet little Mariah Grace doesn't turn six for another week but we had her party this Saturday. The funny thing is, I did it before her actual birthday (as opposed to on it or after it) because I was trying to avoid the heat that could arrive any time now.....but it turned out to be uncharacteristically cold and even a little rainy! My perfect kind of weather for sure, but it did put a little kink in our party-throwing plans. My grandma bought each girl a hawaiian dress....but it turned out way too cold to wear them. :O( But everything turned out fine, and I know that for sure because before Mariah went to bed that night she told me "this was my best birthday party ever!" . :o)

The theme was luau/ instead of goody bags, we gave each guest a beach bucket & shovel. Here's the table where we served the food.....HAM sandwiches (Mariah's favorite food she's ever tasted in her long 6 years of life):

Here's the cupcakes I made at the last minute (no extra money to spend meant I had to get my butt in gear and not mess them up like I usually do):
We ate outside (to spare my grandma a heartattack every time a crumb dropped or a drink spilled), but then came inside for the games & presents. We were warm and we had fun, but I didn't get very many good pictures cause of the lighting.

Mariah's teacher came and brought her this gift:

This made Mariah's whole day. She could not have been more excited if Hannah Montana herself had stopped by! Mariah loves her teacher so much.

For games, we played:

* The limbo
* Hula hoop contest
* Hot potato (only we used a coconut....gotta keep with the theme!)

All with a soundtrack of hawaiin/island music:

And here's the birthday girl (sporting her new haircut just like her sister):

Happy birthday to my sweet, kind, loving little girl.


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