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Arissa Ronell Howard
June 17, 2000 10:02am

Happy 9th Birthday!

(don't know why the photo is cut off on the right...tried to fix it but failed)

arissa collage

Arissa is 9 years old today! I can't believe how big she is. Sometimes I look at her and I can still see the face of her newborn-self, and then sometimes I see a glimpse of her teenage/adult face. And most of the time, I just look at her and think how very very beautiful she is (and how much of a miracle that is, considering who her parents are! just kidding).

Everyone who knows Arissa is aware: she is one-of-a-kind. She really is....she's not a typical kid. She is so thoughtful and kind. When she gets angry, she doesn't yell or throw fits...she never really has. She loves to read and write; she is always thinking of other people. She has the best sense of humor of any kid I've ever met. She's genuinely interested in her family and her heritage and other people's lives. She has a knack for making other people feel good, and appreciated, and special, and loved.

When Arissa was born, everyone in my family told me repeatedly that although every baby is special and cherished, THIS was an extra special baby...sent to us at the same time as my Mom & Grandpa died, when my family's lives were all changing and would have otherwise been very sad. My Grandma told me so often how extra special this new baby was, that it almost scared me....ME being entrusted with something so special. And it turns out everyone was right! Arissa IS truly special and unique and all-together wonderful.

Tonight we're going to have a dinner of Arissa's choice, a small cake, and open gifts. I hope my sweet baby girl has a wonderful day. :o)


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