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9 years

Today is our 9 year wedding anniversary!

When I really think about that, it kind of blows my mind that we're still married. Not because we don't love eachother of course, but just because the way that our relationship began is the stereotypical start of a relationship that should have ended a few months later. But ours hasn't, it's kept on going and pretty effortlessly if I do say so myself. :o) We barely knew eachother when we started dating....who would have guessed that we would end up being eachother's very best friends? When we were first together, I (being the love-obsessed, sentimental 19-year-old that I was) thought we were "meant to be". But then (when I reached the mature age of 20) I sometimes wondered, if we were meant to be, wouldn't have not done so many things wrong to be together? But then as time went by and we only got closer and things only got better and more fun, I realized that my 19-year-old self was right. IN SPITE of making "bad" choices, IN SPITE of trying to build a family when neither of us knew how or were really ready, IN SPITE of moving straight from our parent's homes to one of our own, without having any experiences of our own in between, IN SPITE of all that, we (9 years later) are happy and still in love and still laughing and enjoying time together.

How was that for telling my story without exposing any details? :o)

Here we are, all Sears-Portrait-Posed in...2004? 2005? I don't know:

Us at Disneyland in 2007......nevermind that guy in the background:
Jesse, holding a wee bitty Mallory in 2004:


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