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My babies are growing up so fast!

I remember the first time I saw was hard to imagine what they would become as they grew and got older.

But each year they surpass my expectations and grow and change in such different ways. Every day there's something new and different to love and appreciate about them.

I owe so much to my Grandma for teaching me how to care for them, and how to raise them.

I am a different person now, than I was several years ago when they came into my life. And now, I can't imagine my life without them!

Yep, my girls are blooming more and more each day! My new ones that I planted last year are coming into their own and marking their place in the garden....showing the big girls that they're here to stay and are equally beautiful, even if for now they're a bit smaller. :o)

And these guys are bringing me joy too. Just the fact that I, Kristen Howard, planted them, and they not only didn't die, but grew into something that could actually be eaten, is a miracle in itself as far as I'm concerned:

What to do with them now? If anybody has a good recipe that includes tomatoes, jalipenos, bellpeppers, artichokes, and strawberries, let me know! :)


Related Posts with Thumbnails