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Once again, I'm posting this because Jesse rarely gets credit that he deserves, especially from

This weekend was Gary's bachelor party. Jesse is not only Gary's good friend, but he's IN the wedding party, so he's kind of obligated to go, right? Well and of course he really wanted to. The guys had planned to go golfing, to dinner at Hooter's, and then to a strip club. Jesse was thinking he wouldn't be able to go to any of it, since we're having major money issues. But at the last minute, we came into a little extra money so I gladly told Jesse to use it for the party. He really wanted to golf, he's wanted to go the last few times his friends wanted to. He wasn't outwardly very excited about the latter two activities (although if he was I know he's smart enough not to tell me). But he never goes out, he never does anything that's not with me and the girls, so I said go ahead and go w/ your friends and I won't get mad. He had my permission, he had money....

and yet when they got home from golfing and rested briefly before heading out for the rest of the "fun", Jesse chose to stay home. I said again, that I wouldn't bother him about it, he could go if he wanted and I would be perfectly fine. But still, he chose to stay home and watch tv on the couch with me. Now personally, those activites that his friends were going to partake in seem stupid and boring to me, but obviously it's different when A) you're a boy and B) all your friends are going and asking you to come with. I know Jesse pretty well, and I thought that I KNEW that given my 'Okay' on the subject (and I wasn't even reluctant about it, I was enthusiastic), he'd be there in a flash, drinking it up and being crazy with his friends. But we watched Nancy Grace on tv and went to bed early.

And so on Sunday morning, I tried to repay the gesture: with peek-a-boo eggs served in bed. :o) What a sweet guy he can be.


Cula Parker said...

How sweet!!! He's such a good guy!

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