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Special Day!!

Today is my mother-in-law, Mariann's birthday!! It's kind of a milestone birthday (though I won't put the exact # in case she'd rather keep it secret!). She is a blessing to have as a mother-in-law. She loves the heck out of my girls, and is very supportive of them...showing up at every function/fundraiser/party/etc. She sends cards in the mail for special occasions or just because. She makes a lovely breakfast every Christmas morning, and caters to us when we come over to exchange gifts. She loves crafts, and is always willing to help me or teach me a craft I'm trying to learn. She is a really great lady, and in the absence of my own mother is a wonderful person to have in my life.

Happy birthday Mariann!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kristen for the lovely words....
such an honor to be part of your family.


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