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This past weekend the 5 of us traveled up to Malibu for Gary & Courtney's wedding! Jesse left friday morning because he was in the wedding party and had to be there for the rehersal, but Arissa had a drill team practice she couldn't miss which meant me and the girls couldn't leave till saturday. But we actually decided to drive up friday night after the at 9:15 we hit the freeway and I drove (the girls all asleep in the backseat of course) till about 11:45. I was proud of myself for making it there w/o falling asleep or getting lost. Driving at night in an unfamiliar place is harder than I thought. But we made it.
The wedding was at 6pm Saturday, and once again Jesse had to be there first so we had to go without him. Which was fine except I had to drive 20 minutes to the wedding site up a winding road through mountains and tunnels but we once again made it there just fine. It was a lovely wedding. The site was on a "ranch", and it was really beautiful. Courtney looked so beautiful, and everything was so sweet. My favorite part was the reading of the vows, because Gary was so sweet and sincere, and Courtney cried the whole way through it all. So of course I cried too. :O) The reception was perfect....I was worried that the girls might get restless and cause trouble, but they did wonderfully. We ate, and they danced and danced and danced. :O) They LOVED it. I'm so happy for Gary & was a great day.

Me & Arissa after taking our seats:

Mallory who wanted to sit IN the aisle:

She couldn't resist playing with the flower petals:

The ceremony:

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ware:

The groomsmen during their speaches at the reception:

Me & Mallory drinking it up after the toast:

So excited!

Friends & new Neighbors (notice I had to take my shoes off so that I wouldn't tower above everyone):

Jesse & I aren't big dancers, but the girls made friends w/ some others on the dancefloor who showed them how to shake it:

Time for a rest, and a hug:

The other happy couple!:


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding... so pretty... They really put a lot of thought into decorating the tree.
Your family sure looks like they had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed your ride up there..even though it was in a strange neighborhood. That's an adventure in and of itself. Did you do the girls hair also. you are very talented, if you did. Mariann

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