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right now:

* I have so many projects going, I can't keep track! But I like to have several things going at once because that way, if my hands get tired of knitting, i switch to crochet. Then that eventually makes my wrists hurt, so I switch to cross stitch or embroidery. So right now I have a blanket 2/3 finished on my knitting needles, an identical blanket but in a different color 1/8 finished on smaller needles, a blanket 1/4 finished which i'm crocheting, a cross stitch, a sewn doll, a knitted bunny, a baby blanket which is just a yard of flannel that I'm crocheting an edging on, and another project I'm working on for a friend's wedding. I always start lots of different projects (except not all at once usually) but I rarely finish any. If it takes more than a week or so, I get bored and move onto something else. But this having-9-things-going-at-once deal seems to be the cure for that.

* I'm loving "point de croix", french cross stitch. Well it's just plain cross stitch but I've been browsing french websites and blogs that feature cross stitch and embroidery, and I just love it. Even though it's the same craft, you can still sense a different kind of style in most of the projects. And even on the ones that look just like the stuff I do, when there's a french phrase or word added to it, I just love it! And looking at all those blogs has totally helped my french vocab recently!

* Mallory & Mariah are going through their terrible twos. Yes, they're 4 and 5, but I refuse to believe that this new attitude is part of their actual personalities. I chose to believe (and hope to God) that it's just a phase. Mariah, who has always been the helper, the mediator, the middle-child eager to please and do well, I think has recently gotten sick of her "role" and is testing out her defiant side. It's no fun. And Mallory is pretty much the same as she's always been, only at a slightly louder volume and increasingly better vocabulary. Again, it's no fun. But when they're sweet, they're the sweetest, and it makes up (sort of!) for their little attitudes.

* Arissa is all about drill team. Last week, she was at drill team camp for 3 very long, tiring, but fun days. They worked really really hard. I honestly don't know how Arissa made it through. She's still only 8 years old! But she toughed it out, and she did great. I was really, REALLY proud of her. Not only does she make it through, but she does SO WELL! And some of the girls (older than Arissa) cried from time to time cause they were homesick, or frustrated, or tired (which is understandable and I felt for them), but not Arissa. She is so amazing. And for their in-door routine, they're dancing to a Hannah Montana you know she's loving that!

* We're still mourning Blossom. :o( Poor Jesse goes to sit on the couch and looks for Blossom to jump up and settle on his leg or right next to him. And when I'm cooking dinner my instinct is to not leave food on the stove un-covered because Blossom will jump up and eat it. Yesterday we drove down Blossom Lane (the street my church is on) and we all went "Awww....". It was kind of cute.

and that's what's going on RIGHT NOW :O)


Françoise said...

C'est un dicton très connu, qui parle du temps qu'il fait. Le voilà en entier :

En avril,
ne te découvre pas d'un fil,
En mai,
Fais ce qu'il te plaît !


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