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Yesterday was Arissa's first day of 3rd grade, and Mariah's first day of Kindergarten! They were both so SO excited, and a little scared too of course. Arissa had the same teacher, same room, and exact same class mates for both 1st and 2nd grade, so it was a little scary to be in a different place w/ new people. Most of her friends are in other classes, except a few, which I told her has the possibility of being a good thing....cause then there's a whole class of new friends to make. Her teacher is also a man, which is a first, which I also told her could be a good thing. Her classroom is directly behind Mariah's, so if they were both at the window they could see eachother and wave. :O) They both liked that idea.

Mariah had gone to orientation the day before, so she knew a little of what to expect. Her teacher came up to her and said "I remember you---you're Mariah Grace Howard!" because that was how Mariah had introduced herself at the orientation. :o) And as class started, she was actually quite brave....she didn't linger behind and hold onto me, she didn't cry or even frown. None of the kids did really, which was nice. Seeing the kids crying & reaching out for their mommies and daddies (even if it's other people's kids) makes my heart hurt. But Mariah, maybe because she's gotten practice at preschool, stood in line without being told and marched right into her classroom and took her seat and started coloring.

And when I picked them up, Mariah kept saying "i like kindergarten. i like my teacher. we have rules, we have to be nice.". And Arissa was so excited to have homework again! From Kindergarten through 2nd grade, her homework has been a weekly packet that you're supposed to do some of each day and turn in once a week. But as busy as we get, often times it all ended up getting done the night before it was due. Which is no good of course. But this year the kids all got planners to write their assignments in, and they have nightly homework, due the next day. Arissa liked that better and I do too. She came home and finished it all and then had a snack and played. They both had a good day and were excited to go back.

Today is Mallory's big day....same school (preschool) but a new teacher and new class. She has a backpack this year (which she insisted on even though it only has her lunchbox in it), and a stylin' new outfit that she's worn for 3 days straight (a Hannah Montana shirt & Princess pants). She was a little sad when I left to take Mariah & Arissa to my grandmas...she's used to snuggling with Mariah & watching tv till it's time to go to preschool. But I'm sure once she gets to preschool and is the only Howard girl there and able to get all the attention and be the big cheese, she'll not mind at all. :o)


Cula Parker said...

How exciting!!! Sage goes to San Altos Preschool For All. It's a new state program and it's free no matter your income. He does seem young especially compared to the other kids in the class. I feel like a bad mom cause he doesn't talk as well as the others. oh well.

Anonymous said...

The girls look so happy and proud.
Mariah will love Kindergarten. When I babysat several weeks ago, all she wanted to do was play school. She wore me out. And she loves rules, because that's what Nana has at her house, and Mariah told me all about them, (to make sure I followed them) Be nice-- If you make a mess, clean it up-- no talking loud-- etc, etc.- Mariann

Related Posts with Thumbnails