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belated pics and what I've been up to....

Here's Mallory on her first day of school (which was about a month ago! It took me forever to upload the photos). Notice that she's posing just like Hannah Montana on her shirt:

This is Mariah at our most recent dance recital (and Mallory's super cute thumb in the foreground!):

And here's Arissa, her first time performing with the official drill team, in full uniform. She did AWESOME. Their first parade is this coming Saturday!

And here's what I've been doing a lot of lately.....

I've been painting! Actually technically I've been doing "mixed media", which is basically painting but adding scrapbook papers and embelishments to the process. My first try turned out WAY too cartoon-like (I seem physically unable to make correctly proportioned heads), so I've been trying to work on that.

Here's my first attempt:

And this is what the words on her dress say:

And this was my 2nd attempt, which I liked much better (even though she still has a bobble-type head):
(The little line on the right side of her is the seam of paper underneath, not as visibie when it's not so close):

And the words on her dress read:

And here's my most recent one (her eyes are CLOSED, not GOUGED OUT, as Jesse thought):

I outline this one w/ ink instead of charcoal, which next time I don't think I'll do. But I like her hair, and the 3-dimensional butterfly. :O)


Related Posts with Thumbnails