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un autre jour d'anniversaire!

Yet another special birthday to celebrate!

My dear friend/penpal Francoise's birthday was on September 4th!

Now I have only known Francoise for about a year, and have never met her in person. And yet, I truly do consider her my friend.

A year ago, I went searching online for a French penpal, because after not having spoken French since 1998 in highschool, I wanted to refresh all I had learned and learn more. A website connected me with Francoise, who lives in France and was trying to brush-up on and improve her English. And from there, we've emailed each other pretty consistantly every 2 weeks or so, and I always eagerly look forward to receiving a message from her. Francoise has always graciously answered my questions about the language, and life in general in France. I have learned stuff I never otherwise could have learned. And along the way, we have of course shared personal info and gotten to know one another and become familiar with each other's families and interests.

Being that she views my blog every now and then, I wanted to make sure and say:

Une tardif Joyuex Anniversaire a mon amie tres speciale! J'espere que ce jour la a emmene a toi beaucoup de plaisir!


Anonymous said...

oui, oui


Françoise said...

merci beaucoup. C'est un super cadeau d'anniversaire que tu m'as fait là !

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