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what the heck is going on???

First, almost a year ago, my Grandma got robbed of her wallet while buying a ticket for her and Arissa to ride the Trolley. Then the thief used her stolen info to buy stuff off the internet and create a fake drivers license in my Grandma's name but w/ the thief's picture.

Then, my identity got I learned when our cable/phones almost got shut off for non payment, because someone had used my name and social security number to turn on cable services in some apartment, and ran up $400 in charges.

THEN on this past friday, my license plate got stolen right off my car while I was parked at the trolley station while I was at work.

AND THEN on this past saturday, I got a letter in the mail from the U.S. Department of Justice, saying that Mariah & Mallory Howard are listed as victims of a federal crime for which the defendant has pled guilty to (theft of mail by a postal employee) and we may attend the sentencing if we like. I called the Attorney who told me that this postal employee was stealing mail in the hopes of finding gift cards, checks, money orders, etc, and that part of the mail seized as evidence was to Mariah & Mallory Howard. I asked what kind of mail it was, and she told me it was from an "Arissa Howard, from Ogden you know her?". I said heck yes I know her, that's my other daughter, who apparently was sending a letter to her sisters while on vacation this summer....which they never got because this lady decided to steal it. Most likely mistaking the bulk of the letter & pictures Arissa had drawn, as maybe a birthday card with some cash or something else fun inside.

How messed up is that. What is going on in the world!


Cula said...

The world is defintely an evil place. I'm so paranoid about sage and aurora growing up. I just want to keep them under my wing forever.

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