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So everyone, absolutely EVERYONE I talk to or hear from has read the Twilight series books and is crazy about them. Everywhere I turn, I keep hearing about those books. I most generally don't read those kind of stories though, so I didn't jump on the bandwagon right away. But finally after I heard so many different types of people raving about it, I thought "FINE, I'll just read it and get it over with and see if it's as good as everyone says".

So Jesse and I went into Barnes & Noble on our date night a few weeks ago, we marched right in and I was dead set on getting the first book of the series. I picked it up and headed to the checkout.

On my way there, though, I walked past this, and since I couldn't justify buying BOTH books, I went for the one that intrigued me more:
It is SUCH a great book! It's so light and easy to read, and it takes place in the UK which I like because of how they talk (calling a line in a store a "queue" and the toilet a "loo"). Plus, even though I won't go far enough to say I'm a shopaholic (I can't afford to be), I totally relate to the girl in this story! Which makes me laugh because the things she does and thinks are pretty ridiculous and are meant to be purely funny, but I recognize myself in a lot of it. Like when she picks up a total impulse buy/splurge, knowing she should only buy what she "needs", then through self-talk, she convinces herself that she does in fact need it. I do that ALL THE TIME. :O)

I'm counting the hours until I get off work so I can settle into my seat on the trolley and finish the last few pages of this:

Even though I don't have lots of time to read, somehow I finished it in less than a week. Usually the books I read are either self-help, parenting, biographies, sometimes classics, or books that are challenging and require complete quiet for me to follow the story (i.e.: War & Peace which I attempted last summer). But this book is so light and fast, and hilarious. So it's going to be awhile before I can try out the Twilight series, because I've got these on my bookshelf, lined up and ready to go:


Anonymous said...

I sure like the colorful covers...
They are beautiful.
Enjoy yourself.


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