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Trying to change it up a bit for lunchtime on the weekends.....I made these "fruit kabobs", and the girls liked them so much they didn't even notice that there wasn't a beloved peanut butter & jelly sandwich on their plates! And the following day, we had a fancy three course meal....the courses, in order, were: graham crackers, blueberries, bananas, strawberries.

Last weekend I completed my bookshelf bookshelves (& the books on them of course) are probably one of the most favorite things I own. But I aquire books at a higher rate than most people, and was running out of room. I was going to have to start boxing some books up, which made me sad, and then I got the current issue of Oprah's "O at home" magazine, in which there was an article by an interior designer or something who gave tips for organizing books so that there's space and so it's also pleasing to look at. So I took off the doors that were on one of the bookcases and using up 2 shelves, and then whereas my books were all just lined up striaght, I switched it up a little bit and rearranged my trinkets. It all should be a little more spread out, but again, I have space issues so this is the best I could do:

(this is 2 of the shelves on one of the bookcases...I have 2 and each one has 4 shelves)

And in between the bookshelves, we hung this other thing which is on my list of favorite things I own: a new light fixture! Now I know it's a little tacky that it's not actually affixed to the ceiling and just hangs there, but still I love it love it love it. As opposed to the regular lamps we had before, it adds a really beautiful GLOW to the whole room. And then in the daytime, when it's off, it's still just as beautiful. i love it!

Mallory's new past-time:

.....listening to my ipod! Every morning, every time I call during the day, every day when I pick her up, and every night until bedtime, she is asking me "can i hear your ipod?"! She's obsessed with it. And she will just sit there forever listening to it, contented as can be! And it's super cute because she can't get the earbuds to stay in her ears, so she holds them in her ears the whole time. It gets pretty tiring, as you can see!


Related Posts with Thumbnails