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The happiest season of all...

Besides being Christmastime, which is always happy and exciting, it also seems to be Baby Time...

so many people I know are either pregnant or just had a baby.

So in between the Christmas gifts that I'm feverishly trying to get done, I've made a few of these receiving blankets w/ crochet trim:

(That one's for a boy!)

I got a bunch of yards of flannel from Jo-Ann's when they were on sale, I trimmed the corners to round them, made the smallest hem I could manage around the entire yard, got the tiniest crochet hook known to man, poked holes around the edges (this is what took the killed my fingers and my hands), then crocheted all around w/ crochet thread and did a scallop on the second time around. Et voila: a light-weight receiving blanket which I can technically call "handmade".

This is my girly one:

All wrapped up and ready to give to the mom of Arissa's friend from school (a friend she's had since "way back" in 1st grade and who's parents Jesse & I are friends with) who just had a sweet baby girl last week.

They're the 2nd family we know and love who, within the last month, joined our club:

the three girls club.

It's rough sometimes and the club dues are kind of high, but the blessings are many as well.



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