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San Diego Zoo...long time no see

We've had annual passes to the zoo for years, yet we didn't go at all last year. Or this year either, until a few weeks ago. We wanted to get out of the house, and it was too chilly for SeaWorld, so we went to the zoo.

It felt like 10 years since I've been there, everything was so different! It was fun though, it was like experiencing it all for the first time again.

One of the first things we headed for was the Panda exhibit of course:

No, Arissa hasn't come down w/ some rare cancer or disease (as Jesse pointed out this picture makes it look like). She just found the bandana and liked wearing it. Constantly. The whole weekend. She hasn't worn it since though...I'm not sure where it is. I'm not saying I hid it or anything....


Mariah w/ a "snake neck turtle". You can hardly see the turtle in this picture, but his neck is about a foot long!

Now some people think the zoo is boring cause there's no rides.....

But those people obviously haven't discovered the foot-massager thingy!
Look at these silly'd think they were at Disneyland by the fun they were having:


.25 well spent!


Related Posts with Thumbnails