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Gotta ❥ these girls...

The girls all made Jesse the sweetest Valentine cards you've ever seen in your life.

Full of drawings of hearts and notes about why they love him.

Mariah got really in depth with hers and I had to share it:


It says:

Dear Daddy,
I love you very much. Thank you for buying girl scout cookies. You are the greatest dad in the whole wide world. Happy Valentine’s Day. You do so much for us. You are just as perfect as you can get. Did you know that I learn a lot from you? You are like a school teacher, except you love me and I love you.

Then she sealed the envelope with a kiss, and instructions not to open until Valentine's Day (which was the next morning):


So sweet.

I love it when the girls just go to town with stuff. Like when I don't see Arissa for a few minutes and I go check on her and she's making posters to decorate her desk or signs to advertise a new business she's starting up (baby-sitting, window washing, etc).

Or when I notice the house is unsually quiet so I go see if Mallory has put herself to bed early like she frequently does, and I find her in their "clubhouse", her sparkly markers all around her, coloring page after page with all these intricate details and pictures of things she loves at the moment (puppies, pandas, her family, school).

Or like Mariah and her sweet Valentine Card....when I handed them some simple blank cards and a sticker to put on it where they chose, and I assume they'll just sign their name and maybe draw a heart, and 5 minutes later I wonder what Mariah did with her card and I see she's still working on it, filling up the whole page with sweet words in her sweet handwriting to make something special for her daddy.

I ❥ stuff like that.

I ❥ my girls.



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