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My sweet little Mariah Grace Howard graduated from preschool last night. These are most of the rest of the pictures I had mentioned before, that we took before she actually graduated so that I could make announcement cards. I need to upload the pictures from the actual graduation last night, and then I will post.

Mariah is so happy. All day yesterday she kept saying "it's my graduation day!". And this morning when I told her she was going to preschool (she and Mallory will continue there throughout the summer), she was QUITE upset: "BUT I GRADUATED!!!". :O) She is such a big girl. And, I must say, one of the best behaved in her class. It was hard for the other kids to sit still so long, but Mariah just watched the ceremony and was content....with her finger in her mouth. :O)
We are so so so lucky that we are able to send all 3 girls to that preschool. We can't afford it at all, but I would gladly go into debt so that the girls could stay there. We have been BLESSED (and i don't use that word lightly) that since neither Jesse or I can stay home with the girls, we haven't had to send them to "daycare". Before this wonderful preschool, they were with Cula & Maxine where i didn't even consider it "daycare", i considered it a home away from home. And then when they weren't there or at the preschool, they've always been with my grandma....who is among countless other things, the ultimate example of patience and love. We have been so so lucky.


Related Posts with Thumbnails