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This baby girl...

...turned 5 years old today!

She is super excited. We're going to pull out her scrapbook tonight and look at all the super cute things she's done and said since June 6, 2003.

I remember that it was cloudy and cool the WHOLE month of June that year.

I was induced so pretty much I had an "appointment" to give birth and it was pretty cool, not having to wait and wonder day after day.

The same dr who delivered Arissa also delivered Mariah (and Mallory too).

I remember that when Mariah was a few months old, I thought she was going to be the "difficult" one...just because she wasn't quiet and calm like Arissa had been. Little did I know that Mariah would turn out to be the peacemaker, the "mother" of the 3 sisters, a super listener and helper.

She is also my little "cuddle bug", she sneaks into my bed everynight and we cuddle the whole night.

She still sucks her pointer finger.

She could NOT be more excited to start kindergarten.

She has a tendancy to pee her pants when she laughs too hard. And she laughs A LOT! She's very sensitive, one harsh word and her lip comes out and tears start to flow.

When she was a baby, Jesse & I said she looked like James Lipton (from "the actors studio"), or more specifically, Will Ferrell's impression of James Lipton. Because Mariah would turn her head slightly to the side and just stare, with her little mouth open, and of course she was 1/2 bald at the time so she and James Lipton had the same hair pattern. We had lots of laughs over that.

Mariah's the only one of the 5 of us who can say she's ridden in an ambulance....when I put her bottles on the stove to sterilize them and went to bed and woke up because of a horrible smell and found the house filled w/ smoke, and the bottles were just a pile of plastic and rubber melting and cooking (but not on fire), and an ambulance came and took her to the hospital just to check for smoke inhalation. But she was fine.

I love my baby girl so much and I'm excited to celebrate her day and make her feel special!

Side note: Mallory is quite upset that it's Mariah's birthday and not HER birthday today. :O) Poor girl.


Cula Parker said...

she's growing up SO fast!

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