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Today... our anniversary. 8 years. I read that 50% of marriages end in divorce, and 50% of THOSE end in the first seven years. That was our joke last year, before our 7 year anniversary we were saying "okay just 5 more hours until our anniversary, let's avoid eachother until then so that we make sure we make it to the 7 year mark and beat the statistic!". And so I guess we have done that.
But there's no time for celebrating today....tonight is the big recital, and somehow I have to make cupcakes for Mariah's class tomorrow, and then Friday night we'll celebrate her birthday. If I had my life to do over, I would totally PLAN better so that all of our family's major events didn't fall in one month! But it's okay, if I didn't have a lot to do I'd probably just laze around and let the time go by anyways. I'm thankful for the things to celebrate and parties to plan and recitals to watch.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary.
I love both of you very much and wish you many , many years of extra happiness to come.

Related Posts with Thumbnails