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Dance Recital & Graduation

Here's some pictures from our recent dance recital. The pictures speak for themselves, all I have to add is: It's impossible not to warm your heart, looking at the ones of the girls and their grandma & nana. ;o)

These are 2 of the "end of year" gifts I made for Mallory, Mariah, & Arissa's teacher. They're very very simple because I had to make a total of 5 (Mallory & Mariah each have a teacher and an "assistant"), and of course I procrastinated, so I ended up making 3 on the very last day.

in case you can't read it, this one says "2 teach is + 2 touch a life = 4 ever":

And this is graduation.....

Our friends Courtney & Gary w/ Mariah:


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