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the best of both worlds!!!

A little over 24 hours until the "big event"!

This (above) was the inside of the invitations (minus the exact address just in case any weird-o's wander onto this blog). I freakin love photoshop. I can personalize photos to make invitations, thank you cards, gifts, AND I can take 20 lbs off of myself in every picture I'm in! Love it.

I'm so excited for this party, I feel silly! It's times like these though when I'm especially grateful that God blessed me w/ girls instead of boys....because I don't know if I'd be as excited if I were planning a Spiderman party (or whatever boys like)! :o)


Decorations ... CHECK
Complete stage set-up ... CHECK
Party favor cds ... CHECK
Mock "Backstage Passes" ... CHECK
Ice Cream Sundae fixings ... CHECK
Cupcakes ... CHECK
Unbearably hot weather ... CHECK :o(
Lots of friends ... CHECK

So everything is pretty much ready. Jesse is in charge of the stage (and the one little boy guest will be his assistant)....we're using his equipment (microphone, amplifier, guitars). I hand-sewed some banners to hang, and a stage "skirt". Last night I finished all the backstage passes (which are in actual ID badge covers and attached to a beaded necklace) and covers for the cd party favors (which are a mix of all the kareoke songs the kids will be singing). Arissa can't wait.

These are more pics from her "photo-shoot" we did, to get a shot to use on the invitations:

They look pretty cool, minus that electric wire, huh? She's standing on my car, hence the cool sky shots. :O)


Cula Parker said...

VERY COOL! I can't wait!

Related Posts with Thumbnails