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new pets!

bemused hamster
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We have 3 new pets at our house!

(No this is not a picture of one of them, but it's super cute and it does resemble them!)

Arissa spent her birthday money and her hard earned tooth money (not from the tooth fairy, but a dollar from Jesse each time he had to "adjust" the retainer in her mouth which expands her jaw....everyday twice a day for 2 weeks) and decided she wanted a mouse. So we went to every petco/petsmart in La Mesa, Santee, Rancho San Diego, until we found the little guys we wanted. Arissa got two mice, the feeder kind that people give to their snakes. They're small and white, and she named them Freddie and Sam....I think. She was going to name them "Hannah" & "Miley", but they turned out to be males. I got a hamster, which I named "Mama", and Mariah gave her the last name of "I love you" her full name is "Mama I love you". :o)

Jesse went out a got another cage because we realized even though they're small, one caged was still kind of cramped. I later learned from my animal biolgy major friend that putting hamsters and mice together will only end in bloodshed, but so far so good. Mama is very mild and calm and still most of the time...although she does totally rock it on the exercise wheel! They sleep all cuddled up together. It's too cute. I'm not a big fan of the smell, or of all the pieces of bedding they kick out of their cage, but I like them.


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