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Aprons for young artists/crafters

Last weekend, I made crafting aprons for the girls. I wanted them to have something to throw on when they want to use paint, or glue, or stamps, or even markers...all of which would otherwise end up on their clothes. In the past, when they've created with stuff that could get messy, we declare a "shirts-off party!" and then they strip down to their underwear. That gets the job done too, but sometimes it's not very in the winter, or when we have company!

So I set out to making these:




It was fun to make them all different and add little extra cute stuff here and there. I did them all in polka dots for the main fabric, and then different coordinating ones for the secondary fabric. Then I added little embellishments as I went along.

Some rick-rack on Arissa's pocket:

Some lace on Mariah's:

On the upper part of the chest and on the ruffle as well, shown here:

The models:

These two couldn't last for a second without laughing...

I had them standing on a stool which they apparently didn't feel totally sturdy on, and that induced the giggles.


Cula said...

Okay, I want one! How much fabric do i need?

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