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Des choses que j'ai fait

For the 2 weeks that Nana was in Utah, we were without a babysitter. Unfortunately, Jesse & I were also without vacation/sick time to use at work. So we had to find someone and find them fast. Either that or we'd have to pay $75/day per child to send them to Mallory's preschool for the full 10 days.

Luckily, Jesse has 4 teenage cousins who live nearby, and who graciously agreed to watch them. Hallelujah.

Now there's many a weekend when Sunday evening comes around and I feel a small pit of relief in my stomach, knowing that come Monday morning I'll be safely at my desk at work....lots of quiet and no kids. I love my kids fiercely, but sometimes they stress me out!!! So when Jesse's cousins agreed to watch them...10 hours a day, 5 days a week, I was so appreciative I couldn't find words to express it.

So instead, I expressed it with food.

On friday, the last day they were watching the girls, we dropped off one of these for each of them:

It's just brownies w/ frosting in some little jars topped w/ oilcloth and ribbon. Not much, but I hope that as they ate it, Jesse's cousins knew how much they were appreciated and loved!

My friend from my old office in South Bay had a birthday last week. Even though we don't talk anymore since we're in different offices, I have each of their birthday's in my calendar and I haven't missed sending a small gift yet.

This is what I made for my friend w/ the august birthday (who also happened to be my Supervisor in South Bay):

This woman is a purse fanatic. She loves them, she spends beaucoup du Dollars on them, she changes them daily to match her outfit. So I thought my newest sewing obsession would be perfect for her!

Then this weekend I realized our resuable-grocery-bag dispenser had lost the stretch in it's elastic, so I made a new one:

Then I made this one (looks a little weird here cause it's not stuffed w/ grocery bags) for a friend:
And I made another for our next-door neighbor. :o) They aren't the most glamorous things, but they sure do make a kitchen seem brighter.


Related Posts with Thumbnails