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Goodbye Day

August 20th was Mallory's last day of preschool.

I didn't know it would be so much more sad than Arissa or Mariah's last day of preschool....I didn't realize that with Mallory, every "last" is going to really be the very last and the final time for us. :o(

But luckily, the day fell on a Thursday. So on my lunch break @ work, I ran over to the Downtown Farmer's Market and loaded up on bouquets of flowers. I put a few together in a big vase and we brought it for the school staff when we picked Mallory up:

Her regular teacher had left for the day, but we left this on her desk:

We gave the first bouquet to the director, along with this little picture and a letter:

I had to put in writing how much I love that preschool, and everyone who works there, and what a unique, wonderful place it is. We have been blessed beyond measure to have been able to send the girls there.

As we were saying goodbye to the director, who has known us since Arissa started there in 2003, both she and I cried and hugged. I was so embarrassed; I never cry in front of people like that! I usually take my emotions home with me and let it all out there. But I just love that place so much, and was so sad to see it all coming to an end.


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