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Quilt #3....a REAL quilt this time

We all had to put up with a few days of this:

and this:

(who am I know I was the only one bothered by it. Jesse & the girls could live in those conditions 365 days a year and not care at all)

But eventually, I made this:

I did the binding myself this time (well, with some tips from Nana):

And, most unbelievably, I quilted it all by myself.

I did not just tie-quilt it.

I did not stitch-in-the-ditch.

I did not send it off and pay a professional quilter to do it (although I really wanted to...I just couldn't afford it).

I lowered the feed-dogs on my machine, I bought a free-motion foot on ebay, I switched out the foot, and I just went to town:

Yeah, it's kinda small. It's all I can manage in the little working space that I have.

I guess you could call it a lap-quilt. For someone with a very small lap.

I don't know, maybe I'll just hang it so I can look at it and remind myself that there are some things I can do, and do semi-right, every once in a while.

M&M thought it was alright:

Overall front view:

And back:

No more quilting for awhile. Too much time involved...and too much of a mess to clean up afterward! But at least now I know what I want to spend all day doing when I'm retired. Quilting quilts, knitting dolls, sewing clothes, crocheting blankets, and making gifts for my grandkids. :o)

Oh and I want to travel. And go on shopping-sprees at Barnes & Noble and then go home and read until my eyes hurt. And...oo I have lots more, I'm going to go make a list!

Only....30 years or so to go.



Related Posts with Thumbnails