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Purses a-plenty

Now that I've got the bag pattern down by memory, I can cut & sew and whip 'em up pretty quickly.

I bought a bunch of 1/2 yards of fabric, pre-cut it all, then put them together assembly-line-like.

This one's my favorite....don't tell the others!:


This one is girly and for someone young...and I bought it by accident. I was having other fabrics cut, when I saw this fabric in their "go-back" pile on the cut-table, cause someone had bought it earlier. I snatched it up and took what was left. I love the words on it, I think they're cute and they make me happy:

And the coordinating liner fabric matches pretty nicely too:

So now that I could cut and sew these suckers in my sleep, I'm kind of tired of them. But I have about 10 more sets of fabric I bought just to make these purses, so I guess I'll have to "pencil in" some time to finish them!


Cula said...

SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I wish I was that creative.

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