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Love of Reading.....and crafting

I made the girls some bookmarks!
Embroidered them, sewed them, voila.

I asked each girl what exactly they wanted on theirs.

Mariah's answer:

"have a nice book"


"Mama loves Mallory"


are still under construction. I finished it, even added a rainbow which took me forever, but the color combo I picked looked really really awful so I tossed it and am starting over.

But it's not like she went away empty-handed...

While I was working on hers, she made this:

And then I also have been working on these every night:

Some little "thank you"s for people who donated to the recent Car-wash-a-thon that her drill team hosted.

I was going to make one for everyone, but eventually I had to decide to only do it for $10+ donations because these things are killing my hands!



Related Posts with Thumbnails