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Quilted ABCs

I had an idea for a craft, but it was too young for my girls.

I needed a toddler, I needed a girl...and there was one such person coming to visit on Saturday...

So I made this for my niece (she's my cousin's daughter, but I like to call her my niece cause I don't have brothers or sisters so I got cheated out of having nieces & nephews!):

They're quilted letters. The entire alphabet was way too much work, so I figured maybe she'd have fun learning how to spell her name. I added the hearts just because.

They each have a different front, but the backs are all alike:

And then I thought it'd be cute if she could carry them around in a little bag.

So I made this:

I don't know if she'll like it, or just think it's a sad excuse of a gift. But either way, it was fun to make and it used up some of my fabric remnants...and it's pretty. In other words, success! :o)


Sarah said...

I probably say the same thing on each comment! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!

Related Posts with Thumbnails