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A Thursday night and our street was full of action!

As we were about to leave the house to do some shopping, Arissa came in and told me that our neighbors were calling 911 for our sweet Mr. Mendoza who lives directly across from us (Arissa saved him once before when she heard his cries for help after he had fallen & Jesse helped him up).

He didn't look very good as they took him away, put we're praying he'll be home soon. We're going to set right to work on some "Welcome Home, Mr Mendoza!" signs.

It was quite a commotion for Arissa & Mallory (Mariah spent the night @ Nana's). The girls all love Mr. Mendoza. They've never had a conversation with him, and they're too shy to waive to him when they see him, but they know he's old and they know he's sweet and so they care about him. They all sing a song about him every time they see him drive away:
"Mr. Mendoza, Mr. Mendoza, Mr. Mendoza.....left!"

and when he comes home:

"Mr. Mendoza, Mr. Mendoza, Mr. Mendoza's....home!"


They also love police cars and firetrucks and ambulances:

We're all hoping that our sweet neighbor is home soon.


Related Posts with Thumbnails