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beach weekend

After going out to dinner to celebrate our 3 students-of-the-month, we found ourselves near the beach with nothing to do. So we drove around, enjoying the breeze (cause it'd been SO horribly hot the rest of the day).

Eventually we ended up at Dog Beach and figured....why not?
The girls had a great time. Random dogs just walked up to them at times, dropping a ball at their feet. We'd throw it into the water and watch them swim out to catch it and bring it back.
This guy had dug himself a hole:

From there we went to Sunset Cliffs, and sat around and just enjoyed the beautiful view and the cool breeze.

We saw this sign on the way there....which Mallory couldn't stop giggling over, can you tell why?

We had explained to the girls the need to be careful around the cliffs, and the reason for all the signs warning of "unstable cliffs". So when I had to get close to the edge to take this picture, they kept yelling "DON'T DIE, MAMA! DON'T DIE!" :o)

(I told you...this girl never looks straight into the camera!)

After awhile, the waves got so big that when they rolled in, they would crash violently on the rocks and seaspray would shoot up onto the cliffs:

It was a great way to end a terribly hot day! But then being on the coast is the best way to end (or begin, or spend) any day if you ask me.


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