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So as the previous posts eluded to, Saturday was the Boulevard 'Boo!' Parade.

Though I was still sick, M&M & Nana & I headed down to watch Arissa & the drill team do their thang.

M&M passed the hour we had to wait for the thing to start by doing this:

Nana, of course, had foreseen the boredom that would ensue while we waited for the parade to start, so she brought her " bag of tricks ". Toys, snacks, etc.

We waited about an hour for the parade to start, and once it did, there was so much for the girls to look at and enjoy.

(This one kind of freaked me out):

And finally, the wait was over!:

Those girls, that whole group, is so awesome. You see other groups in these parades, or at other shows, and you think they're really great, and they are. But then these girls come out, sometimes half the ages of the kids in other groups, and they just sparkle & shine and amaze.

Speaking of sparkling & shining....

Jesse was also in the parade! A month ago, he'd had a few drinks and had volunteered to carry the banner for the Sherry's Gotta Dance Drill Team Alumni group. He tried to back out, but Sherry held him to it!


End of day:


Related Posts with Thumbnails