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Over the summer when the girls' Grandma went on vacation to San Francisco, she brought these beautiful Chinatown outfits back for them.

They looked so nice that I never found the right occasion to let the girls wear them. Wear them as pajamas? But what if they sweat in them or get toothpaste on them when brushing their teeth? To lounge around the house in? Okay, but these 3 girls can get quite rowdy even in the house and I didn't want to risk rips or tears.

But tonight I saw them and figured I better bring them out before the girls outgrow them.

So tonight, even though there was no "occasion", the girls were stylin':

This is apparently what these girls imagine that Chinese people do all day long:

Arissa & Mariah are meditating. How do they even know what that is??

Well in any case, the girls love their outfits and I suspect they'll be wearing them frequently...special "occasion" or not!

(I love how they photograph...the shiny fabric looks so pretty w/ the camera flash!)

And if I hadn't put their new outfits on them, I probably wouldn't have done a photoshoot tonight. And if I hadn't been doing the photoshoot, getting individual shots of each girl, I might have gone about life and never known......

.....that Mallory lost her 2nd tooth!

I honestly didn't know till I was snapping pictures and she pointed to the missing tooth. Apparently she lost it at school on Monday, but never could find it to bring home and put out for the tooth fairy. We asked Jesse what to do and he said there is a specific clause in the tooth fairy contract that deals with this issue, and that all we had to do was advise the fairy of the circumstances:

So our little note to Ms. Tooth Fairy is now in the tooth fairy pillow I made, hanging on the girls' bedroom door. We'll see if she accepts the IOU or not in the morning. :O)


Related Posts with Thumbnails