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the in-between

This past week, in between tv appearances,

and the Boo! Parade,

and missed sleep,

and sickness,

and marching in parades,

there was other stuff that made it onto my camera as well!

The day we had to get up at 4am, also happened to be Picture Day for the girls at school.

I had M&M's clothes all picked out and ready, and I entrusted Nana with the task of doing their hair (which she does for them every day, but usually on Picture Day, I like to do it special myself).

We just had to rush home to get the glitter & makeup off Arissa. I wanted to wash her hair to get the curls out so we could do something besides a pony tail, but she wanted it to stay:

Awwww, Daddyyyy!

Arissa got a late-slip to allow her to go to class. We thought maybe the Howard Household should issue them to Jesse now and then:

Happiness really is being on time (as the late slip says), for Arissa:

And after we dropped Arissa off, we noticed they were taking the School Pictures in the cafeteria. So we stopped by and look who we saw in the spotlight:

Mariah-BoBiah! (Jesse's nickname for her).

She was so happy to have an audience for her photoshoot!

Later that day we went to get our Swine Flu shots. None of the girls were too happy about that. Me either, since I had to hold them down for it. And they didn't even get the shots, they got the nasal mist spray thing! But still, they fought it and made a bit of a scene. But the nurse and & worked well together....we sat 'em down, I held them still, she did her thang, and voila. Swine Flu checked off my to-worry-about list. Well maybe just moved down the list...they still have to get boosters in a month to be fully protected.

We waited TWO HOURS for those shots. Mariah & Arissa brought things to comfort them...Mallory didn't feel the need. She was pretty much fearless till she was in the chair.

And lastly, we went to Mt. Soledad recently, just for something to do. We expected to show the girls all the things you can see from way up there. But I didn't expect to be able to show them this:

I don't know if the photo really captures how amazing it looked, but a huge thick bank of fog had rolled in from the coast. The day had been warm and clear, then we got on top of the mountain and the coast was covered in fog. It was really a sight to see.

And as we made our way down the mountain, the sky was clear and then by the time we stopped at the next block, it was foggy and clowdy and misty. It was an experience.


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