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Last weekend me & Jesse went.....

out to eat?


to a movie?



i wish.

We went golfing!

It was our second time, but my first time on a super nice, full 18-hole course and my first time getting to drive the golf cart (last time we went to La Mesa where you have to walk it). It was lots of fun. And for as long as I live, I'll never forgive myself for not being fast enough at whipping out the camera to capture the moment when Jesse got attacked by bees in the middle of the game. :o) It was a sight to see.

We also did a lot of this:

....staring into space trying to figure out either 1) where the hole was so we could figure out what direction we shoud aim for, or 2) where the hell the ball went after we hit it. :o)


It's been cloudy lately, even a little rainy, and usually when it rains for the first time each fall/winter, I make cinnamon rolls. But even with the help of my super cool bread-maker, those things are labor-intensive and take a long time.

So I'm saving those for the first real "storm" of the season instead. So when it was drizzling & cloudy a few days ago, I did blueberry muffins (from scratch):

(the ones in the back have streusel topping on them)

Et voila:

Yummy yum. The girls love them. I love them. They didn't last very long!


Related Posts with Thumbnails