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Day one

Monday was the first of 3 tv appearances for Arissa & her Drill Team!

Everyone was SO excited. Except for the fact we had to be at the studio at 5am, none of us cared for that too much.

But somehow we managed to get out of bed, in the car... done, outfits on....

...and made it to the NBC building downtown:

Inside, waiting around, trying to get hyped up for the performance even though everyone wanted to crawl back into bed:

Hanging out "on set": :o)
No, the NBC anchormen/women don't dress as pirates. The reason the girls were to be on tv was because they were going to be marching in the annual "Boo!" Parade the following weekend. So several of the news stations were doing promos to get the word out about the parade and get people interested in coming down. That's also why Captain Jack Sparrow was at NBC at the un-godly hour of 5am. He was so nice, and so authentic-looking...the girls loved him. And little did we know we'd see him a lot more!

"And we're live!"....the girls watched the action as the camera-woman taped Jack Sparrow tell what the "Boo!" parade is all about:'s almost our turn!:

Phew! It's not so bad. Being on tv is fun!:

The news anchorman, doing his thing:

The girls performed in the background all the while:

The same day we had to be up at 4am, happened to be one special girl's birthday! Someone mentioned it to Jack Sparrow and so he gave her some extra attention:

Even got down on one knee (right after this shot) and kissed her gentlemanly!

Jesse & I had the day off...I knew I'd need a good nap (or 2 or 3) to recover from being up so early. We immediately came home and watched the newscast (we had DVR'd it). It was so fun to see Arissa's face, and the rest of the team. Needless to say, we watched it over and over and over!


Related Posts with Thumbnails