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My Love

I picked up some shaped ice-cube trays from Target's dollar bin quite some time ago. I have some stars (for the 4th of July, Labor Day etc.) and some hearts. No one was very impressed with the stars, but all 3 girls love the hearts! When they see me put it in their drinks, they clap and cheer. It's the silliest thing.

And if you're around when I serve up these $1 fancy ice-cubes, you will almost always hear Mallory say excitedly:

"Mariah, look! Mama gave us some of her love!!!"

So I guess that's the main reason I keep re-filling the ice-tray. :o)


Anonymous said...

of course!! I would do the same thing.. Good going... for spreading the love...

Sarah said...

Love the ice cubes, I will have to look for those. I also LOVE the dollar spot at Target!

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