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Bonita Fest 2009

Busy busy Saturday!
Arissa's drill team had two performances, plus M&M had swimming in the morning.
Friday night was fun, because a bunch of us Drill Team mom's (and Jesse) and all the girls got together at one of the girl's houses and had a "hair party". I've shown the process on here before of making a proper "drill team pony tail"'s a lot of work! And it takes a good hour or two as well. For like a year now we've been saying "we should have a hair party!" but we never did. Then this time, there's two new girls and their mom's were anxious about doing the hair right, so we figured it was a good time to start. We sat around, wrapping hair around curlers, inhaling near-lethal amounts of hairspray, talking, laughing, and listening to Radio Disney. :o) Then we had pizza & sodas. It was a fun time.

And Arissa didn't whine and complain as much, since all her friends were there. I liked that.

Saturday was fun, but dang it was hot, there was no way around it. The performance in Bonita was a lot more enjoyable than the one after SANTEE. I try to avoid El Cajon & Santee altogether during the summer/fall months if possible. No matter what temp it is in Lemon Grove, it's always 5-10 degrees hotter in the East County. Plus there's no sea breeze. And the only view is of the mountains. I'll take the coast over the mountains any day.

But anyways, the girls performed (Jesse video-taped, I photographed), then we hauled-butt out to Santee. The girls performed outdoors, in the sun. Their poor cheeks were beet-red before they even started dancing. I didn't even take any pictures---I just wanted it to be over with as SOON as possible! :o)

But I did take pictures in Bonita:

Arissa, Nikki, & Cassandra (the new girls, whose mom's were nervous about their hair...but they turned out great):

Lined up, ready to take the stage:

During their "Hey Mickey" number, the girls do some break-dancing type stuff that Jesse thinks is the coolest thing ever:

Arissa in "Broadway Baby":

I love watching the girls perform. They are so cute, and so talented! I do NOT love being in Santee when it's over 100 degrees, but I suppose it was worth it. :o)


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