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It's COOKIE time!!!

It's officialy Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Girl Scouts in general, but especially cookie time, always always always make me think of this awesome movie:


Especially this classic clip:

(turn off the music on the sidebar before watching)

I can't tell you how much I love that movie (or how many times I watched it as a kid)! Shelly Long was the best troop mom ever. :o)

Cookies are kind of taking over our house at the moment.....


I made a commitment to myself not to eat after 7pm, and it's a real challenge with those things staring me in the face! It's bad.

But it's so much fun to sell them and to watch the girls get more and more excited with each box we hand out.

We went out selling door-to-door on the first day of sales, with their little cookie-mobile and had a blast.

Girl Scouts of America had a cookie-mobile contest, and just for submitting a picture you get a special patch. So we whipped one up before we hit the streets.


In other news...

I'm declaring this coming week to be "love week"!

I've been looking so forward to Valentine's Day and it's almost here and I want to soak up every minute of all the love, red white & pink decor, and fun sweet crafts that come with this time of year.

So I'll post something each day about lovey-dovey, red/pink/white stuff that I made to prep for the big day.

I'm so excited!



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