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everything looks better with glitter

I saw a template for a paper Eiffel Tower online and I said oo oo OO I wanna make that!

So I got some cardstock, the template, some mod podge, and a whole lotta glitter, and went to town:


Isn't she pretty??

I put it on display on my to what is I guess becoming my Eiffel Tower 'collection'.

(The other big one I picked up on sale, the little tiny one I got in Paris, and it's all next to the photo of me at the top of the tower in 1997):


M&M wanted to make one too....but I had a feeling they were more interested in the glitter than in the Eiffel Tower itself. So we got out some wood cut-outs I had picked up at JoAnn's months ago....slathered on some mod podge and glittered the heck out of them.


Everything looks better with glitter.

Including our kitchen table and our fingertips and clothes. :o)


Cula said...

OOhhhh.... i want one!!!!

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