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Pretty 'lil gap toothed grin

Who is 6 years old and really likes losing teeth?

This girl:


She really wanted this one to come out. It'd been wiggly for a long time.

Friday night she was laying in bed and came out to proudly show me her hand that she'd been wiggling it with.... it was all bloody. I said "Mariah, if the tooth bleeds like that and still doesn't come out, that's probably a sign that it's not ready to come out".

She just looked at her bloody little hand with pride and a smile...went to wash it off then went back to bed.

Apparently she wasn't satisfied though, because Saturday morning I woke with her next to me in bed....smiling a big toothless grin with that tooth in her hand.

And she found another good use for her book fair purchase when I went to take a picture of that sweet toothless grin:


She's so glad that tooth is gone.

I'm kind of glad too....I love the goofy little gappy smile that it left in it's place!



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