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Arissa's big night!

We received a letter in the mail the other day,
notifying us that a super sweet little blondie had been "selected to receive special recognition by the Governing Board of the Lemon Grove School District for academic excellency".

That's an awesome thing to get in the mail. :o)

And even more awesome: it's Arissa's 2nd time getting this award! (She got it when she was in 1st grade too)

The award is given to one student in each grade from each school, and it's presented to her by the board members of the district, which makes it a really special honor.


The night of the award presentation happened to fall on our busiest week of the whole year.

Immediately after school, Arissa had rehersal for the school talent show. She isn't in the show, but she was one of the emcees since she's in the Student Council. We had to cut out of there 15 minutes early so we could rush home and throw on dance clothes and then rush over to dance practice. She squeezed in one and a half of the 5 classes she's in & helps with, and then we had to rush home to get dressed to go get her fancy award!
That's a lot of rushing.

Once we were there (5 minutes late) and in our seats, we could relax finally....and enjoy the special night!

Eagerly (& nervously) waiting for her name to be called:


The actual presenting of the award I chose to video-tape instead of photograph (cause I couldn't do both at once).

But here's my little "academically excellent" baby girl, after receiving her award & medal:


Fun, fast, very very proud night. :o)



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