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When Mallory opened the gift from her friend Franny at her birthday party, I had to catch by breath cause it was so beautiful.

It's a netted, hanging, flowery, little hideout.

I couldn't wait to hang it....but didn't know where it should go.

I loved the idea of it being outside, hung from a tree, the girls having tea parties under it, with it blowing in the breeze.

But we don't have a tree in our yard. Plus it would either end up dirty & dusty, rained on and trashed, or peed on by neighborhood cats.

So it seemed like indoors was the way to go.

Leslie, Franny's mom, had suggested Mallory could hang it over her bed. That sounded perfect!
Except Mallory sleeps on the bottom bunk. Strike two.

So saturday morning, much to the displeasure of M&M, we completely cleaned & re-organized their room, and it turns out there was miraculously just enough space in the corner of their room (right by the window & the bookshelf) for this hanging piece of lovelyness.
I told the girls it's a testament to the wondrous things that can happen when you clean your room. :o)

I hung it up with a little tiny brad nail.

It promptly fell right down.

Jesse went to the man store (Home Depot) and got one of those heavy duty hooks, and now it's up to stay:


It's a tight squeeze (Jesse & I won't be hanging out in there any time soon), but the girls love it because that makes it feel secret and even more special.

And even though it's not outside, flowing in the breeze, the envy of the neighboorhood children.....the girls have had tea parties in it and even spent the better part of the weekend inside of it.



Besides the teaparties,

Mallory declared it a dressing room, and ran in there every time she changed her clothes.

Mariah started a book club and held her meeting in there.

Arissa ran inside it when she had a meltdown and needed some alone time.

It's perfect and I love it and when the girls aren't home, I might just curl up in there myself with a good book. :o)



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